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Plexilisp is a Lisp-like syntax for Plexil that is designed for use within the Emacs editor. It allows you to author Plexil plans and simulation scripts in Emacs, and interactively compile them into their XML representation for execution.

Here are the main features of Plexilisp:


  • Works with Emacs (every version we've tried so far, including Gnu, X, and Aquamacs).


  • Easy to edit in Emacs (plexilisp mode provided).
  • Only PLEXIL constructs are supported; arbitrary Lisp is not allowed.

Plexil language support

Using Plexilisp

To get started, see the tutorial.

For details, see the reference manual.

To enable automatic validation of the generated PLEXIL XML, you'll need the freely available nXML utilities.

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